Life with little Man Milo The missing shoe

The missing shoe

M is a little character, even more so since E came along, and just loves being outdoor and exploring things. I tend to be a bit forgetful as to were we put his shoes, as I can imagine most parents are when kids learn to take them off themselves! when did he become so independent?

For the past month I have searched high and low for one of his new shoes (why is it always one!) – I checked the car twice, asked nursery three times, checked over grandads and even re-did out his room just in case! To my luck I could not find it anywhere, and we have been using his wellies ever since.

This then backfired when he poured an entire cup of blackcurrant juice in one! He wanted to drink it from the shoe – yuck!

So I bought him some flip flops for the summer, which he definitely walks like a penguin in, we get maybe five steps down the street and that’s it, both shoes are of in different places – how on earth does he do that?

After today’s walk to the park I gave up, and decided I needed to buy him some new shoes at the weekend, so I’ve spent the morning looking for good deals online. Until I get a phone call..

The nursery have found his shoe, and have had it this whole time! luckily I didn’t splash out yet, the little monkey!

the same can’t be said about his missing socks though, again- why’s it always one!



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