Hair dyes!

One of my favourite topics has to be my hair. To those who don’t know, I have had my hair every colour in the rainbow and then some in between. I always love to see people getting creative with their hair, as it really shows of their personalilty.

I have been dying my hair since I was around 14, starting out with simple changes such as blonde highlights, or tips. This quickly turned into using unnatural colours such as red, which was my first big move. I loved the brightness of the colour, and how it shone in the sun, and that has inspired me everytime I changed my hair colour since then.

After the red came some similar tones of purple and choclate browns, then I decided I would be a brilliant blonde (after all, they do have more fun!) so I stripped my hair and decided I would always be blonde. However, I get bored with my hair very easily and changed it again after only 2 months!

This time I went all out, and discoved the brand Directions, which do hair paint. This causes less damage than normal hair dye, and it only semi-perminant and no smell, , which ticked all the boxes for me as I could change it as much as I wanted to, since it washes out! Best of all it doesnt make your head itch at all! I started with going a full head of bright pink. The one I used for this result was carnation pink. The tubs are between £4-£6 depending where you buy them from, but a little goes a long way, and I often found I could get away with about one and half tubes for a full colour change, leaving half a tub for the touch ups.

Since discoving this at 16, Its been 5 years and I still swear by Directions. I have moved onto more creative ways to do my hair, including muti-coloured, and various layers. The question I get asked most is how do I get a few colours in my hair without it running and mixing?

My answer? Tin foil, and lots of it!

I start with bleached hair, as this gives you the brightest look, but if your not wanting it overly bright you can weaken it down with conditioner and it makes it more pastel. I start with the bottom colour, and once I have the strip I want, i paint it, then I wrap it in tin foil and clip it to my head. This not only keeps it out of the way but stops the colour from running!

The paint only needs to be on 20 minutes, which goes really fast. When you go to wash it off, make sure the shower is already running, and start pulling the bottom tin foil off first, then the second and go on until there is none left in your hair. After this leave your hair under the running water without touching it, this will allow the water to get through on its own to take away the extra dye so it doesnt run. After 5 minutes you can shower normally and just like that, your all done!

do you have funky hair? let me know in the comments!

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