M’s birthday

It’s coming back round to that time of year! 4th of August, exactly 10:56 pm my little man entered the world and changed mine forever.

Ever since being young I knew I wanted children one day, didn’t know when, but I didn’t really mind when either. On the 11th of December at 11:05 am I rang B, not knowing what the result was going to be, utterly scared to death but thinking it would definitely come back negative. However, within 30 seconds I saw the brightest pink line, and then the second one appeared too.

Fear. Panic. Love. More fear. All three at once and each just as powerful as the next until B came home and was over the moon, there is something about someone else having a positive perspective of a situation that can really calm you down and get you to see straight. We started making plans right away; which room was going to be the baby’s? what was I going to do about work since it involved a lot of heavy lifting? would we stay in that house or get a new one etc? and before I knew it all the fear had dropped away. We had a very early scan at 7 weeks and I remember seeing this little bean-shaped object on the screen which was my baby, with his little heartbeat pounding. That moment helped me so much due to previous miscarriages, though your mind is never truly at rest, the worrying remains all the way till they are here, and it still doesn’t stop then!

Reality set in at 25 weeks when my body showed very strong signs of labour, but luckily my little man stayed where he was meant to be until I was induced at 38 weeks, and there my boy was. My 6lb 3oz little dot, with wide blue eyes already more curious than I could have imagined. Labour for me wasn’t the best, but I promise I will do a post about that at some point.

Now we are getting ready to celebrate his second birthday and I’m so sure he was only born last week! We have plans to do the same as we did last year, and head to Hamsterley Forest for a BBQ if the weather holds up! (Fingers crossed for me!) Everyone enjoyed it so much last year we decided to do it again for the second time, who knows, it may become a yearly tradition.

M loves being outdoors, and if he can run around and have a water fight then he’s even happier! I am very family-orientated and love getting everyone together for a laugh, and when you add games and food then everyone is happy, including little man.

will they just stop growing up so fast? Even for just five minutes, please.



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