My Tattoo’s #2

And we are back! hope I didnt keep you waiting too long!

I’m going to dive right in starting with tattoo number 11-;

This was the first start of my sleeve, and I was very excited and nervous all at once! For most tattoo lovers will know that long tattoo’s are intense, and you should only go for it if you’re sure you can handle it, as it is hard. This tattoo took around 6 hours, and by then end I was sore, but amazed. The level of planning and detail that Jason put into this tattoo shows how worth it they are, just the colours and details alone make me love it more and more each time I see it.

After my last one, I took a break from tattoo’s for a little over a year as I had my little man! But as soon as I could, I got straight back into it! And soon came tattoo number 12. This was another addition to my sleeve, and is by far the most amazing work I have yet. As I have said many times, Jason is amazing, and we went straight into doing this next piece, which for me was just breathtaking. It took around 6 1/2 hours to do, and was painful towards the end, but we pushed through. It still isn’t fully complete, but even with the missing detail it still looks fantastic. I am always amazed by the level of detail that goes into the work, and the beauty that comes out at the end. This one is again, an addition to my Alice in Wonderland obsession, and is the Red Queen, Iracebeth and is played by Helena Bonham Carter. The hearts are an addition that Jason added in, as he is designing the full sleeve that will be complete one day!

My next tattoo was done by an apprentice named Laura Robson from Steel River Tattoo Parlour in Stockton. I have known Laura since I was young, and when I found out she was tattooing I was over the moon! I wanted something special to represent my dad. Since being young, my dad is the only parent I have had, and he was both my mam and my dad for a long time. Raising four young girls all the way through to adult years is difficult, but doing it on your own and working full time too takes skill, something I never truly appreciated till I was older, and had a place of my own. I always knew he was my hero, and I wanted a tattoo to represent this. I told Laura what i wanted, and she designed it, and was ready to go. This one is on my calf, which is a place i’ve never had one before, and I was amazed with it. The yellow lines around the outside really make it stand out. My dad is my superman, and this tattoo shows that a lot.

Tattoo number 14 came for my little man. Milo is my rainbow baby, and I cant express how much he means to me. When I was pregnant I used to watch Gilmore Girls over and over and over, and Milo used to kick and twirl away every time the theme tune came on. Even now, whenever it comes on he sits and dances away to it, and its the cutest thing ever. (I’m biased i know). So when it came to picking a tattoo, I knew straight away what i wanted. Elephants, a mummy, daddy, and baby. With 4 birds, and the quote ‘Where you lead, I will follow’. Since he was born I had decided I wanted this tattoo, and I wanted it on my ribs. Naive as I was, I didnt know how painful ribs where as a tattoo, and I could only sit through half of it on my first sitting, and have yet to do my second, so it is only half done as of yet, but I still think it is beautiful. Jason took his time, and understands how special it is for me, and this is end result.

So there we are, all of my tattoo’s and what they mean. If you want any information send me a message, i’d love to hear from you all.


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