Life with little Man blog post Our visit to Newham Grange farm!

Our visit to Newham Grange farm!

Last Saturday was one of those days when both kids ended up in my bed before 7 am, leaving me awake and making plans for the day. I had previously been told about Newham Grange Farm from a few friends who have visited but M was much too young to visit, however it seemed like a perfect day. The weather isn’t too cold, and we were all up at a normal time and had a plan.

After a few moments of rushing around and E eating her porridge whilst M downed some fruit salad we were ready and out the door. The farm is only a 20-minute drive away, which is perfect for us since E hates being in the car for long journeys.

Once we arrived we found a small car park situated next to the entrance which doubled as the gift shop too. We got all four of us in for £11 including a bag of food to feed the animals, and began to walk around.

The first thing we were drawn to was the holding barn, where M was able to actually hold the animals! In here he tried to hold the chicks but wasn’t too keen when he realised he actually had to touch the chick, so daddy gave him a hand. We fed the goats and moved down to see the rabbits and guinea pigs. The gentleman even placed a few in front of M on the wall, and he was fascinated watching them run up and down.  

Further down the farm, we saw the horses, which can also be ridden by older children, but M enjoyed just watching them. They even had some very friendly donkeys who came over the fence and allowed us to stroke them and even winked at me a few times. 

Round the corner brought M’s favourite part- the pink and white pigs! So far this the animal he is most excited to see and even repeats their grunts too. The pigs even followed us around as we walked around their pen, much to M’s amusement! 

The final part, and the most enjoyed, was the multiple play areas located between the animals allowing each child to experience something without it being too crowded. M and B attempted the obstacle course and played around on the tractors before M spotted the slide which took the rest of the time over, he loves them. A sweet lady even came over and gave M a balloon sword which he held onto tightly until he fell asleep back in the car.

Overall we had a fantastic visit, and look forward to coming back again when E is old enough to play around too. 


Checking out the goats
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