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Schwarzkopf colour mask review

It’s that time again, for a new hair colour!

Well, 2 this time, actually!

Since we are heading into October, and halloween is right around the corner, I thought I would go with something more fitting, and I’m very pleased with the results.

I chose directions neon blue, which I’ve had before, and schwarzkopf’s light brown.

This is the first time I’ve tried the schwarzkopf colour mask, and was amazed to find a circular little tub and a tube to go inside. You also get instructions, a pair of gloves, and a small sample of conditioner. The smell was slightly stronger than normal dye, but it wasn’t off putting.

Applying the dye was also easier since you reached into the tub and didn’t have to squeeze any out, meaning you could even do it yourself with no extra mess! I only used half a tub for half of my hair, so I’m pleased to know 1 full tub would have done.

Once the dye was on I let it set for the recommended time, and I was happy with the way that it felt, the dye didn’t hurt or itch, and I actually forgot it was on at one point.

Getting it off in the shower was also easy, and my hair felt brilliant even before conditioning it! Once I placed the conditioner on, it smelt as amazing as it felt, and the result I got was exactly what I wanted, and all for only £3.99!

End result! Still a little wet at the time of the photo, but I love it, the tones are beautiful and I love the way my hair feels, its like I’ve never dyed it!

Do you have a favourite hair dye? Let me know in the comments




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11 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf colour mask review”

  1. Nadia says:

    That looks fab! I tend to do my own hair as well. I use the Olia from Garnier, a bleach as I’m very blonde. I’m not very brave though and have always been more or lesss the same colour.

    1. admin says:

      there is always time to explore! thank you! I couldnt live without my coloured hair, I love it!

  2. Alice Spake says:

    I used to use these when I did my hair! I’ve hung off while pregnant as I couldn’t be bothered with the upkeep of highlights so I can’t wait to book in and get my hair done later this month! xx

    1. admin says:

      Congratulations! I was similar when i was pregnant with Milo, I went completly brown, and re-dyed it multi-coloured when he was 1 month old, it was the longest 9 months of my life, literally!

  3. Maisie says:

    IVe tried other Schwarzkopf dyes but not this one, it looks so simple, I love the idea of the tub! And that blue is so lush! Hair envy!

    1. admin says:

      It honestly was so easy to do! Thank you!!

  4. Maisie says:

    I’ve tried other of the Schwarzkopf dyes but not this one, it looks so simple, I love the idea of the tub! And that blue is so lush! Hair envy!

  5. That blue is beautiful! I’ve always found the Schwarzkopf dyes brilliant!! 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Thank you! the blue is directions hair paint! x

  6. Sarah says:

    the last time i did my own hair i think i got more dye on the bath than my head. now i save up and get it done professionally haha! i dont trust myself not to mess it up!

    1. admin says:

      I just do it in the kitchen! years and years of practise I think!

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