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The start of nursery!

It’s that time! School has begun, and little ones are on their way to nursery and pre-school. This year I’m heading back to college myself, to study Acess to Health. This means Milo has gone to nursery!

He goes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for a few hours, and it’s on site of the college so it doesn’t feel too bad after I’ve dropped him off.

With most nurserys they do a few tester days first before the big day, to help your little one settle in, which I found extremely calming and it gave me peace of mind that he would be okay. However, this didn’t stop me worrying the night before, and on the morning.

Then came the hard part. That first drop off. We went into the building and I could feel myself tearing up, a million questions; am I doing the right thing? Is he going to be okay? What if he hates it? What if he loves it and doesn’t want to leave?

Luckily the nursery workers are there for you, and understand how hard that first week can be. Milo went straight in the room and was perfect. He sat down and started playing, gave me a kiss and even a wave as I left, not a tear in sight (at least not from him!)

All day I was checking my phone, waiting for the phone call to say he wasn’t settling, wasn’t happy ect, but it didn’t come. Turns out he was loving it.

As soon as college was finished I speed-walked down to where he was, opened the door and there he sat, with cars in each hand playing with the other kids like he had been there forever. Safe to say, I haven’t worried about the drop of since that day.

Even better, I now get a massive smile, and huge hug and kiss everytime I pick him up, which makes me know it’s all worth it.

What was your little ones first experience with nursery? Let me know in the comments!




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