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They grow so fast

Okay. So I may be feeling a little nostalgic because my eldest turns 2 this Saturday, or it may be because I was asked what I’m planning on doing for my 23rd birthday this year. People often look at me and think I’m young, and even hearing I’m 22 they still think that however I have two very young children, and I think that makes me age a little more, even if I don’t want to admit it.

I’ve never really been much of a child, with a rocky childhood I had to grow up fast. I moved into my first house at 17 and I loved it at the time, all the space, the independence, the being able to decorate my own way etc. but even now, I’m often over my dad’s house for tea, for a chance to be like a child again, with my meals cooked for me. Looking back now, I wish I would have stayed a child just a little longer. Then again, as I child I think we all couldn’t wait to grow up. Yet as an adult, all you want to do is go back to those good old childhood days.

Being with my two this week has definitely made me looks at things slightly different. E is teething, really bad and not much seems to be settling her at all. It’s not only affecting her sleep it’s also affecting her eating to which ultimately affect me since she’s breastfed. I hate seeing her in pain and nothing seems to be working. We have tried Bonjela, Calpol, Ashton teething powder and even letting her nibble on some odd biscuits to see if it helps but nothing seems to. I don’t remember much of this with M, he seemed to take to teething really well. It wasn’t until around his 8th tooth it started to affect him and even now he’ll wake up maybe once or twice if he’s teething and that’s about it you’ll never hear from it again. So with E, it all seems a little new to me, but we will work it out in the end.


M has been really good this week, he’s used to the days of having nursery so this is a big change for him. However, I have had my niece and nephew over this week which has provided some good entertainment for him and he’s enjoyed being able to have someone to play with as much as he can. I can’t wait till E is old enough to play with him as well. We have been out and about getting M’s presents and they have provided a much-needed distraction for him when I have been picking them out and wrapping them.

But all this is got me thinking how fast their lives are going. E is 4 months old and beginning to wean, and my M is turning two this weekend. It doesn’t seem fair, it feels like he only arrived yesterday and already is turning into a toddler. He’s a very independent little boy, he’s potty training is going fantastically and he can say more sentences then I can write here for you. He’s turned into such a little character and I’m enjoying watching him grow everyday, but I do wish he would slow down and just be my little baby a little longer.

They grow up so fast



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