Life with little Man E Dummies, am I right?

Dummies, am I right?

E is now 15 week’s old. Yes, I know, HOW? It is going so fast it is unbelievable. However, for this whole 15 weeks, she has always refused a dummy. She is exclusively breastfed since birth, however, she has been fed with bottles and has taken to them straight away. We have always used Tommee Tippee with M for both bottles and dummies, and he took to dummies the first day we tried him on them, so we thought that E would be the same.

E is 100% different, and so far we have tried around four different types of dummies including TT and nothing at all has worked. She either spits them out or simply won’t even take it. I had all but given up on dummies and decided she was just going to be one of those children who does not take dummies, which in retrospect may be a good thing in the long run, but does not help for right now whilst she is teething.

This all changed last weekend. Previously when out in the car whoever is with me normally has to be sat next to E to try to settle her. For some reason, she does not like the car! No amount of white noise helps, and the only way she truly calms down has been sucking on someone else’s thumb which is not very helpful when I am driving alone. After a car journey out this weekend, I was desperate to try anything I could to help her, when my friend suggested I try the MAM dummies. I have a bottle from these at home that I have never tried since she took so well to the TT ones, so whilst stood in Sainsbury’s I decided to give them a try. Worst that happens is I waste £5 right?

It was like magic. Giving her a dummy normally is a struggle and she will spit it out and move it around and simply not settle. After crying for at least half an hour I had tried everything, from feeding her in the back of my car to rocking her in the middle of the car park. Once I put the MAM dummy in her mouth she instantly sucked and settled. At first, I thought this was just a fluke, but she went to sleep almost right away, and stayed settled for the entire car ride home, something that has never happened before!

I was still in disbelief, thinking she had just had enough of crying, but true enough she has been using it for 3 days now and has not spat it out once. She is a happier baby and even lets me drive a little longer without her getting upset, which is great for M who loves to sleep in the car! As much as he enjoys talking to her, I think he likes the peace a little better!

Did your children have a preference for dummies?



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