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Baked Egg Muffins Recipe

So as many of you will have seen I have returned to my Slimming World diet. I actually first started this just before M’s first birthday and lost 7lb in one week and 4lb in the next, so I was very impressed, until the following week when I had gained 3lb. I wasn’t happy as I had stuck to the diet religiously so didn’t understand why I had gained, until a day later when I found out I was carrying E!

Anyway, so now E is here and we are settled into a good routine I have decided to get back to my diet, you only get one body right? So I have decided to share some recipes that I have enjoyed using this time around, I have only been back on it for a week and have noticed a drop in weight straight away, and can’t wait for my first weigh in to find out just how much I have lost!

Now, M loves fruit and veg, so making this workaround him hasn’t been that hard at all, I’ve actually found he has taken to it rather easy, and E is still breastfeeding so no issues trying to make that work either!

This is actually one of our favorites so far, easy to make and can have just about anything in, which makes it a great dish I can experiment with.

I start with three eggs, 70ml of milk, salt and pepper. Whisk these up together in a jug until the same colour runs throughout. I use muffin trays for ease but you can use a normal tray with cake cases if you wish. Spray the tray with fry light oil and add your fillings chopped up finely. For three of them, I chopped up bacon cooked with no oil and the fat taken off and placed it in the bottom and added some microgreens from Little Green Group. The next three I placed sliced spinach and a drop of cheese, finishing it up with some parsley. The third set had Tabasco hot sauce in and the final set just had some cheese and microgreens.

Once my muffin trays were full I place them in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes until they are golden brown, and here you are, the perfect egg muffins. There really isn’t a limit on what you can put inside them, which I’m enjoying finding new flavours and variations that I can make. I serve these with my homemade chips and salad, and the only sins here are the milk and cheese unless you use them as your healthy extras!

These have gone down well in my house, and we had had them twice in the same week! This batch makes around 12 muffins, and you can refrigerate them for up to three days as well, so making them as snacks works great, so you can save those sins for dessert (or a huge glass of wine!)




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