Summer is here!

and we are loving it so far!

This year has been an up and down one for weather already, and I can not believe that we over halfway through.

This week we have seen temperatures at 28°c and rising, which can only result in one thing…

it is pool time!

M is obsessed with water and loves to splash around and play, and even E got to join in this time and she loved it too! I am very glad I have babies who take to the water as fast as I did. It has been a great way to keep them cool in the sun, whilst still enjoying ourselves outside. We got ours from Sainsbury’s, for only £25! Bargain.

Now to my favourite part of summer- Fruit salad for breakfast! For some reason, it just tastes so much better eating it in the sun. M is obsessed with fruit, and his favourite is definitely strawberries, he can go through a whole pack himself and still want more! We get all our fruit from Aldi, since it is great for low cost but still giving great value! Not the best of photo’s but since my phone is broke I am using a spare one which does not have the best camera!

What’s your favourite part of summer?



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