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A visit to Katie’s Garden

On Sunday we were invited along to Katie’s Garden in Sunderland for a Harry Potter themed craft session to make Mandrakes!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a fabulous little store right next to the car park which was perfect when you have little ones along with you. The door was very inviting and led us into the store where we were greeted and shown to our table to be sorted into our houses with the sorting hat! M got Ravenclaw and B got Hufflepuff, whilst I got Gryffindor, although they did say they can see some Slytherin in me. (Have you seen Draco Malfoy, can you blame me?)


Starting with just a little plant pot full of items, we had soon made the shape of the mandrake out of tinfoil, with the leaves being hot glued on. M loved being able to pull the tin foil apart- whoops! Next came the messy part…

We mixed the flour with water to create the dough ready to wrap the foil in, which M and B loved doing! He had a little apron on which was great as it meant apart from his hair nothing else got covered! Then came the painting, with more paint going in M’s hair and arms than on the actual Mandrake, but we managed!

We then added the extra touches, making it even more realistic. We had a little help from the lovely ladies in there, who even came along to help M do some colouring whilst we did the tricky stuff. Not only was this helpful, but really showed the added mile the ladies at Katie’s Garden go to for those who come in to enjoy their space.

And these are the finished products, and I have to say I’m very proud of them. We even gave them names- Manny and Monty. They may not be as good as Professor Pomona Sprout’s, but I think they are pretty sweet.

All in all we had a fantastic day with wonderful people, and would highly recommend heading over to Katie’s Garden for a little bit of magic, book here!



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