Life with little Man Milo Ten in ten..

Ten in ten..

Not kids!

Things I want to do with M before E arrives.. 10 things in 10 weeks… seems do-able, right?

I know it may sound very strange to some people, but I officially have MMG… Major mum guilt! My baby will no longer be an only child, and for many reasons, this is a great thing! but part of me keeps feeling bad for him not getting to experience being the only one for a little bit longer, he is only 18 months! Even though I know he’s going to be so excited when his sister comes, and it just means more love all around, I can’t help but feel that little bit of guilt. So I have planned to do ten things with him in the next ten weeks.

The plan this week was swimming, but with it snowing at the start of the week I kept putting it off until we got the sun on Wednesday! seemed like a perfect day to go if I hadn’t been up all night with the sick bug!! Then I thought about Thursday since the bug seemed to have passed… straight onto M!! So that was ruled out again. This week seems to have just gone too fast, however, it is the start of half term, meaning I get to do two things with him this week to make up for it!

I have thought of a couple of ideas so far, but I would love to get some more!

Whats your must do things with your kids?


5 thoughts on “Ten in ten..”

  1. Ahh what a fab idea to think up all the things you would like to do. Mine love swimming too!

  2. Aww hope you’re both feeling better now and manage to do some activities before baby arrives x

  3. Hope your both on the mend now – this is such a nice idea, I feel like I wasted the last few weeks of my maternity, a good plan like this would probably have helped!

  4. I wont lie, I saw the title and thought OH MY GOSH! haha I think if I had another baby, I’d want to sleep and rest more before baby came, I didn’t sleep well during the last few months and stressed and worried so so much about keeping the house clean I didn’t really look after myself.

    Lucie –

  5. Amanda says:

    Swimming is a good idea, in fact, you can also consider going to beach or shopping with the little one. I had recently written a post on life skills for kids, I would be glad if you take a look and comment, thanks.

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