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Car safety is one of my main priorities with having M in the car and E on the way. I have searched high and low to find ways to make sure they will be safe whilst on all of our journeys. The main safety comes from the car in which you will be driving with a lot of newer cars come with features which allow can make massive differences over older models. have made the process of finding your ideal car easier with their comparison tool which allows you to show cars side by side to review their specifications from safety to fuel economy and make the right decision for you.

Car seats are another key point to research before deciding on which model to buy, this has also been made easier by with their car seat checks section. This section allows you to search for your car to see how their tests have gone through various different stages of car seats being fitted and their effect on the car space and maneuverability. From here you can see whether the size of the car seats you’re comparing will be more or less of a viable option than others. As below the section shows each individual car with multiple photos of the car seats installed and their respective position, type, and rating visible.

All cars are rated for each of the seat types on the same scale which is helpfully provided on the page to ensure you are aware of what the tests have found. This is extremely useful for making sure you have room to be able to move around to grab those dummies can make the world of difference.

These tests are also carried out by professionals with the same car seats each time to ensure each and every test is done correctly with the only variable being the car. I found this to be really helpful in the process of making sure that the information I was looking at was actually going to make a difference to my decisions rather than meaning nothing when it came to picking the right seat.

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By using these tools, thanks to, I am able to say I have made very informed decisions on what car I will be looking for next and what car seats we are buying currently to provide the highest amount of safety possible.

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