Life with little Man Reviews Sunderland Illuminations 2017

Sunderland Illuminations 2017

Every year as a child I remember this time of the year fondly. The leaves falling to the ground, the cold nights setting in, and who can forget the hot chocolate before bed!

This year we decided, since I can now drive (woo!) that we would venture a little further out, and explore the dark nights and see what we find.

We saw an add on Facebook for Sunderland Illuminations 2017, and thought since we went to Durham Illuminations in 2015 that we would check this one out too.

Sunderland is only a 45 minute drive away for us, and we parked up at the National Glass Centre, and walked our way down to Roker park. The walk is nice as you go right past the beach, and can walk along the sand and shop fronts.

All of the streets and beach where lit up to show the way. Once there we realised we hadnt bought tickets online (silly me!) and had to que up for them. The que was very long but moved very fast, we must have only been in it for around 10 minutes before we went through. Tickets online are £1, and on the door at £2, which isnt bad, but you do need to book before it starts!

As soon as we went in we where met by various characters, since this was disney themed this year, many of them focused on that. The kids even got to play in the parks on the way round! There where food trucks, including sweets, and dinky donughts! (YUM!) which where £3 for 10.

The layout was organised well, and there was plenty of space to walk around. People had dogs with them too, which the kids loved!

There where some rides there, but we didnt go on any of theses. My most favourite part of the lights was the entire row, dedicated to Alice In Wonderland! Most people who have read my blog know I’m a massive fan, and so this really made the night so much more special for me!

The lights on the water caught everyones eyes, and made for a plesent place to stand and eat our burgers, watching the little show. As we moved further down there was a Frozen themed set, which played the theme tune, and an arcade square with games and a trampoline.


The next set of light was Doctor Who, with sound effects too, the kids loved the tardis! Heading futher round was a heart shaped feature, which lit up once two people held each bar, and held hands, refelecting their heartbeats- cool right!

Then around the corner came Micky, Minnie and friends, which was a brilliant way to end the viewing.

Each light and statue was set up brilliantly and had the kids amazed, even little Milo! We ended the night by a walk back to the car along the beach, and up past the final lights. With tired happy kids, and a very happy me, its defintly somewhere I will be adding to the list to visit again next year.



7 thoughts on “Sunderland Illuminations 2017”

  1. This looks amazing, so magical! I wish we had something like this near us, my kids would love it. Such a good price to get in too x

    1. Lauren says:

      It really was! Looking forward to next year already! X

  2. Sarah says:

    aw these look lovely! we dont have anything like that around here, besides when people decorate their homes haha

    1. Lauren says:

      Bet Christmas time is beautiful though! X

  3. Aww this looks so nice, we don’t have anything like this close to us, but I’d love it! Looks like something that would be an amazing tradition!

  4. Sammy Postlethwaite says:

    Oh how lovely! My little one would absolutely love this he’s obsessed with lights ?xx

  5. Maisie says:

    IVE never been to anything like this before but it looks amazing!

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